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Community Programs

Rural and Remote Programs in Muskoka

Elizabeth Fry Society Simcoe Muskoka offers core Community Programs including: Emotions Management, Grief and Loss, Anti-Theft, Healthy Relationships, and Substance Use and Harm Reduction. Programs are offered to youth and adults 14 years of age and over throughout the Muskoka region. Individuals can be referred from community agencies, courts, parole, probation offices, and health care providers.


Youth Trustee Program Simcoe County and Muskoka  ®


The Youth Trustee Program will help you at every stage of the process of applying for financial benefits through Ontario Works, accessing your benefits, and transitioning out of the program. If you are 16 or 17 years old and no longer live with a parent or guardian, you qualify for a consultation meeting with a Youth Trustee Worker. While enrolled in the Youth Trustee Program, your Trustee Worker will assist you with program requirements, referrals to other agencies, housing searches, access to the food bank, job readiness, and other resources.

Safe Independent Choices (SIC) Program ®

Designed for youth ages 14 to 20 living in Simcoe County, the Safe Independent Choices program helps youth develop strong emotional and social skills, gain confidence in making safe choices, and learn navigate the life independently. This program covers topics including; social and internet safety, independence, healthy choices, healthy relationships, and human trafficking. Delivered in groups and workshops, this program gives youth the opportunity to learn life skills, make connections with other youth and gain community service hours. Anyone can refer a youth to the program, including a community agency, parent, or the youth themselves.

Substance Use and Harm Reduction Program ®

The Substance Use and Harm Reduction Program is designed to educate individuals on harm reduction planning and help them to work through their own problematic substance use.  The program provides; tools to develop healthy coping strategies, harm reduction planning, education on relapse prevention and assistance in identifying triggers of substance use/relapse.  This program allows individuals living with addiction, active using substances, or seeking tools to reduce the risk of relapse to learn awareness surrounding their addiction in a non-judgmental, understanding, and empathetic environment. 

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Rural and Remote Facilitator:



Call: 705-641-9945

Youth Trustee Worker Muskoka:




Call: 705-644-9748


Youth Trustee Worker Simcoe:




Call: 705-794-6226


Safe Independent Choices Facilitator:  




Call: 705-818-1686


Substance Use and Harm Reduction:  




Call: 705-794-0474

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