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Correctional Programs


Jail Visitation and Advocacy

Vanier Centre for Women and Grand Valley Institute for Women

Staff from the Elizabeth Fry Society Simcoe Muskoka visit women and gender diverse individuals regularly who are incarcerated at Grand Valley Institute in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vanier Centre for Women in Milton for the purpose of reintegration planning, parole hearings support and preparation, and advocacy.

Central North Correctional Centre

A trained facilitator visits Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC), twice weekly, to provide one-to-one support, group reintegration programs, and individual programming workbooks to incarcerated women and gender diverse folks.

Reporting Centre

The purpose of a Reporting Centre is to provide additional support and supervision to high risk/high need individuals under community supervision of Correctional Service Canada (CSC), who do not have a residency condition, but still require additional support in the community.

Services offered through the reporting centre include:

  • Case management, counselling, support and referrals

  • Regular observation and telephone curfew checks

  • Correctional plan compliance

  • Program sessions to support; relapse prevention, emotions management and reintegration

  • Alternative to residency, suspension and/or revocation

  • 24-hour crisis support

Referrals to the Reporting Centre are made directly from Correctional Service Canada Parole Officers.

Potential Referrals:

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who do not meet the criteria for a residency condition but require additional support in the community.

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who are currently being considered for the removal of a residency condition.

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who need additional support during a period of re-stabilization.

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who have recently been suspended or are at risk of being suspended.

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who are on a UTA (Unescorted Temporary Absences) or pass to Barrie and require additional supervision or support during that time.

  • Those under the supervision of CSC who are on a Long-Term Supervision Order.


Community Maintenance Program

The Community Maintenance Program is a self-management, follow-up program for men supervised in the community by Correctional Services Canada (CSC).  The goal of the program is to review and apply skills taught in the institution in any of the following programs:

  • a violence prevention program

  • a family violence prevention program

  • a substance abuse program

  • the Alternatives, Associates and Attitudes Program


The Community Maintenance Program consists of 12 group sessions. Each session is 2 hours long. The program allows men to combine the skills they have learned in correctional programs into one self-management plan.

For More Information


Residential Director:



Call: 705-725-0613 ext. 241

CNCC Program Facilitator:




Call: 705-627-7332

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