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Community Justice Programs

Youth Justice Program

Referrals for this program come from the courts (Extrajudicial Sanctions), the police (Extrajudicial Measures) and the community on a case-by-case basis. Participants of Youth Justice Programs are youth 12 – 17 years of age, who are willing to take accountability for their participation in first time, non-violent offences. If the program is successfully completed, the youth participant will not have a criminal conviction on record.

Restorative Justice Circles ®


Restorative Justice Circles seek to repair the harm done by youth who are willing to take accountability for their participation in first time, non-violent offences. The program operates on fundamental principles of restorative justice by involving the active participation of the community, the youth and the victim(s).

Direct Accountability (not self referral)


Direct Accountability Program is an alternative to prosecution for individuals over the age of 18, who have been charged with a minor criminal offence(s) and are willing to take accountability for their actions.  Referrals to this program are received only from Crown Attorneys.  If the program is successfully completed the charges are withdrawn. The Direct Accountability program is offered in all courthouses throughout Simcoe County, with the exception of Bradford.


Post Incarceration Transition Program

The Post Incarceration Transition Program is designed to address priorities identified by the broader community in the Barrie-Simcoe Community Homelessness Plan 2019 – 2024, by providing transitional services to individuals experiencing homelessness when being released from the local Provincial correctional institution, Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC).

The objective of the Post Incarceration Transition Program is to actively reduce the number of individuals discharged from Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC) into homelessness in our community.

Program eligibility includes; individuals of any gender, over the age of 18, who identify as having no fixed address when discharging from CNCC into the community of Simcoe County.

Post Incarceration Workers will assist individuals in identifying temporary or permanent housing/shelter in supporting the transition from the institution while connecting participants to community resources to address; housing, mental health, and harm reduction.

Direct Accountability Program (DAP)

What is the Direct Accountability Program?

The Direct Accountability Program is an alternative to prosecution for eligible individuals who have been charged with minor criminal offences. The program involves accused persons being held accountable through community-based sanctions.

Who Qualifies?

Individuals over the age of 18 years of age with no or limited prior involvement in the adult court system who are charged with minor offences.

How is a person referred to the program?

The Crown Attorney will notify the accused at their first court appearance if they may be considered eligible. The accused then meets with a Community Justice Worker at the court. The Community Justice Worker will gather information about the individual and about the offence, and complete an assessment to determine if the individual meets the requirements for the program. Duty Counsel will advise the participant about their rights and the benefits of the program. To be considered for the program an individual must:

  • Be willing to accept responsibility for actions that led to the charge.

  • Be willing to make amends for their offence through an assigned task or “sanction”.

  • Complete an agreement which outlines the term/s of a sanction to be met.

Get help now!


Youth Justice Program:


Restorative Justice Circle:


Post Incarceration Transition Worker:




Call: 705-790-2923


Post Incarceration Transition Coordinator:  




Call: 705-795-0076


Community Justice Worker (DAP):



Call: 705-725-0613 ext. 242

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